Sunday, 6 December 2009

all our work payed off weekend went well, all very sleepy elfs now but was worth it, it was strange how each time we had diffrent children the stories changed, but it all worked realy well and the children and the grown ups responded well. (i love being an elf). i think that everyone worked realy well together and i think that it will only get better as the weekends go on.

i liked that we all found a way that our stories worked well together and all worked well as a company. todays went well as there was a lot of intertaction between the storys. And everyone stayed in characture realy well, also i think that the face painting is the best thing in the world watching the kids faces when they see thay can have it done and then what they end up looking like. but i realy enjoy the face painting and want to do it all the time. i think jess shouldnt be alowed to do any more stars ever poor mark!! stick to the reinders xx

realy good first weekend very happy elf xxx