Tuesday, 11 May 2010

prob my last post!!

Last week.

It is only a week away and we have made lots of times to meet and put final touches to the plan. I think that every thing is going really well. And the meeting we had with George went really well he is really happy with every thing that we have done and is really looking forward to the event now. As are we!!! The parade I think is going to go really well I think we need to focus on timing and we also need to arrange ways of clearing up and keeping the common as clean as possible all weekend.

I think that it is all looking good and the dress rehearsal on the Friday before will be a really good way of seeing what we have to do to get the timing right.

This is it now. I have really enjoyed working on this project and I think that it will be a success as I feel that everyone has put a lot of effort in. I have learnt a lot from doing this community project and I have enjoyed working with every one.

Lets hope it doesn’t rain and I am sure the event will be amazing!

love u all well done we have done good!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

playing with the puppets

I love the story and i love that we played with them to see what they were like to move I think this helped as they are not as easy as I thought they would be but they are looking amazing!! Well done to the creative team!!!! I have taken picture to take to our ham meeting on monday if there is any thing else important we need to talk about just let me know and we can chat with george and gary. All is looking good!!!

we have a rough plan for the weekend which is good but we need to sort a set one monday i think.

keep up the good work.

workshops in schools

hay i hope every ones workshops are going well. we had a realy good one last week in richmond and the kids were so sweet. we wanted them to get used to us and feel happy around us. we played some games and did some exersises with them and we plan for the next two weeks to get them thinking about the parade and make some masks with them. they are all realy excited. i hope everyone else's workshops are going well.