Tuesday, 16 March 2010


we have had some realy good meetings with ham house we did our presentation that went well and realy got to lok in to the actual running of the day and i thinkt hey were happy with what we had to tell them. we realy need to concentrate on getting into the schools and getting them involved. and also getting defo numbers!!!

ham house meeting last week in the pub was good the police man came and her was realy good told us they are in and want to walk along with the parade wich is good they will be at ham common as well as at the road and walking around the event so all is looking good there.

poster realy needed to be done a few weeks ago i know we want to do pics and make it look realy like a community but also need to get it out and about!!

every thing else is going well at our end got quotes for balloons and waiting for beach balls but all looks good getting excited now we can make it good xxx