Saturday, 30 January 2010

well we have had a few meetings and it is all becoming together a bit more, we have all had very contrasting views on how we all think things should be and this could become a issue but i hope we can all sort this out.

we have decided on doing a parade as well as the ham house event that at first i thought was a bad idea as it is making more work for everyone and separates the event but if the timing is right and there is lots going on in ham itself.

i think when we get a chance to meet with Gary and George it wil help to see what it is that they want as well as seeing if they like our ideas.

doing the walk on friday i think helped making us see what will actualy be happening on the day and alowed us to see how it could be, and start throwing ideas around.

Monday, 11 January 2010

well it has been a while the last few weeks of uni were so busy. Ham house was fun but as the time went on the fewer people could make it and this was very difficult for the people that were there as the timing was all off and we were storytelling non stop this was not down to any one as i am sure people had good resons for not being there. Rachel took over from zoe and realy wasnt very well and came in and organised everything very well she was a star.!!!!

we were supprised as we learnt how diffrent the days were from the age of the children every performance was realy diffrent some times we had to adaped our storytelling to the audence and sometimes just ended up playing with the children.

i realy enjoyed the weekend the first two were possiable better as there was more storytellers and by the last weekend i think that we were all abit down and tired of doing the same thing all day as we didnt realy get a chance to have a break we all carried on well and i think it went well but we were all ready for it to be over.

i have enjoyed working with everyone but i think that some of us have been let down by the money being taken and realy put a downer on the last weekend for me it might not have been one of us but in general i didnt like the feeling of not being able to leave my money in my own bag while we went to do someing nice. this is the only real downer of the whole experience for me. other that this i think every one did well. x