Sunday, 14 February 2010


we have had a few realy good meetings and it all looks ltke it is coming together.

mask making was fun and looks like a good way of getting the kids involved and making them fit in the the colour theame. workshops are a thing that we need to focus on and try and get into the schools as soon as we can.

i think everyone is working well and it is all looking good so far but we still have a long way to go.

we had a meeting with ham house and theya re happy with how things are going they would like us to keep intouch bout numbers as this is there main worry. the meeting was realy good and they would like us to do a presentation to them in 3 weeks with a plan off the day and where we are at. this will be on everything fundrasing and general things so maybe some one from a few other groups could come with us.

they are realy excited about the event and realy want alot of our imput down to writing the song that will be sung on the day about ham so any one creating should have a think about it. they are looking at having bags made to give away and want our imput on this aswell.
Everything is going well we just need to wait for schools to get intouch and then just get into the scholls and start the fun.!!!

all seames to be good keep up the hard work!!! xx