Tuesday, 11 May 2010

prob my last post!!

Last week.

It is only a week away and we have made lots of times to meet and put final touches to the plan. I think that every thing is going really well. And the meeting we had with George went really well he is really happy with every thing that we have done and is really looking forward to the event now. As are we!!! The parade I think is going to go really well I think we need to focus on timing and we also need to arrange ways of clearing up and keeping the common as clean as possible all weekend.

I think that it is all looking good and the dress rehearsal on the Friday before will be a really good way of seeing what we have to do to get the timing right.

This is it now. I have really enjoyed working on this project and I think that it will be a success as I feel that everyone has put a lot of effort in. I have learnt a lot from doing this community project and I have enjoyed working with every one.

Lets hope it doesn’t rain and I am sure the event will be amazing!

love u all well done we have done good!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

playing with the puppets

I love the story and i love that we played with them to see what they were like to move I think this helped as they are not as easy as I thought they would be but they are looking amazing!! Well done to the creative team!!!! I have taken picture to take to our ham meeting on monday if there is any thing else important we need to talk about just let me know and we can chat with george and gary. All is looking good!!!

we have a rough plan for the weekend which is good but we need to sort a set one monday i think.

keep up the good work.

workshops in schools

hay i hope every ones workshops are going well. we had a realy good one last week in richmond and the kids were so sweet. we wanted them to get used to us and feel happy around us. we played some games and did some exersises with them and we plan for the next two weeks to get them thinking about the parade and make some masks with them. they are all realy excited. i hope everyone else's workshops are going well.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Ham Meeting in the pub!!!

the meeting today went realy well we had lots to catch up on as we hadent meet for a few weeks. i realy feel as if they are excited about the progect now and we can all see hoe it is coming together. We wanted to have a catch up with them so that we could tell them the progress that we have made over the last few weeks. they seam realy happy with the work that we are doing.

We are going to have a meeting on the 29th as our next big meeting to fill them in on our procress and any workshops that we have had. They would also like us to present them with a plan of how the day will run and where everyone will be. they understand that this might not be compleate as we still may not know everyones plans but in as much detail that we can.

So if we can all start to get as much information as possiable we can make the plan realy good for them.

its all going well but not long till it is hear. keep up the goods work guys!!!xx

Monday's meeting and meetinng with Mark!

guys this mondays meeting the 12th april went i feel realy well this was a much better meeting from the rest and i feel as if we can all see the event coming together now!! only a few weeks now so i know we have lots that are in and we are starting meetings with groups and workshops but i think that we still have a long way to go before we are there!! but we have made a good start!

the story was so so good well done Jenny and Ben was so funny and the children and adults will love it. i like the idea that everything revolves around the same thing and realy brings the events together! i am looking forward to dressing up as animals and having fun with the community!!! realy good meeting guys i feel we covered alot! we are on track keep up the good work.

Meeting with Mark!

we all had our little meeting and i feel that sitting down and talking to mark we got to have a little catch up and know where we are at the moment and what we are to focus on in the nest few weeks.

also talking to mark about this (the blog) helped me as i am not alot clearer on what is required from us.

All is good on our side of things and we will report back on the meeting with Ham!!

mexican night!!!

mexican night!!!

guys i think that the night was pritty good for a drama night and i am really glad with how it went jenny and jade you guys did really well and everyone that helped well done it looked realy good too, poor effort on the costumes though well apart from myself jess and jenny!!!!!! lol well we raised some money that was the main thig and then jenny and jade have been filling in forms like mad men and hopefully we can get some more funnding aswell!!!

then we can spend it the fun part!!

All is looking good very excited!!!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


we have had some realy good meetings with ham house we did our presentation that went well and realy got to lok in to the actual running of the day and i thinkt hey were happy with what we had to tell them. we realy need to concentrate on getting into the schools and getting them involved. and also getting defo numbers!!!

ham house meeting last week in the pub was good the police man came and her was realy good told us they are in and want to walk along with the parade wich is good they will be at ham common as well as at the road and walking around the event so all is looking good there.

poster realy needed to be done a few weeks ago i know we want to do pics and make it look realy like a community but also need to get it out and about!!

every thing else is going well at our end got quotes for balloons and waiting for beach balls but all looks good getting excited now we can make it good xxx