Wednesday, 11 November 2009

we started to shoe some of the storys and performances and some were realy good and could realy work for the winter christmas theme that we have decided on.

I realy enjoyed Bens story and think that that is perfect, with a bit more work it will be realy good!!

I felt that meeting went realy well today and that it feels as if we are getting some where and that the communication between everyone is getting better as well.

we touched apon having other things to do for the children such as drawing and just a place for them to sit and read or some where we can just sit and read to them, i think this will work well along side the more lively storys as it will be a place that the children that dont want to realy be involved can still be entertained.

also loved the idea of having people in characture as this will make it alot more visual and exciting.

looking forward to being in the house this week and hearing everyones storys. x

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