Saturday, 30 January 2010

well we have had a few meetings and it is all becoming together a bit more, we have all had very contrasting views on how we all think things should be and this could become a issue but i hope we can all sort this out.

we have decided on doing a parade as well as the ham house event that at first i thought was a bad idea as it is making more work for everyone and separates the event but if the timing is right and there is lots going on in ham itself.

i think when we get a chance to meet with Gary and George it wil help to see what it is that they want as well as seeing if they like our ideas.

doing the walk on friday i think helped making us see what will actualy be happening on the day and alowed us to see how it could be, and start throwing ideas around.

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  1. Great. I'm pleased you're starting to see the whole picture Jayne. it's difficult working in the dark - so the more we can share in the meetings and conversations in the build up the more we'll all feel secure that we're doing a worthy job.