Thursday, 15 April 2010

Monday's meeting and meetinng with Mark!

guys this mondays meeting the 12th april went i feel realy well this was a much better meeting from the rest and i feel as if we can all see the event coming together now!! only a few weeks now so i know we have lots that are in and we are starting meetings with groups and workshops but i think that we still have a long way to go before we are there!! but we have made a good start!

the story was so so good well done Jenny and Ben was so funny and the children and adults will love it. i like the idea that everything revolves around the same thing and realy brings the events together! i am looking forward to dressing up as animals and having fun with the community!!! realy good meeting guys i feel we covered alot! we are on track keep up the good work.

Meeting with Mark!

we all had our little meeting and i feel that sitting down and talking to mark we got to have a little catch up and know where we are at the moment and what we are to focus on in the nest few weeks.

also talking to mark about this (the blog) helped me as i am not alot clearer on what is required from us.

All is good on our side of things and we will report back on the meeting with Ham!!

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